IO2: “Green Festival Stories – A collection of inspiring examples from across Europe”

Our task was to compile a digital publication that identifies, categorises and shares outstanding and transferrable great practices carried out by festivals and outdoor events from all across Europe to reduce environmental impacts and operate a more sustainable business model. The additional goal the Future Festival Tools team set was to create a format that not only lists measures, but also tells of challenges and solutions in an attractive and accessible way. Something that lets the festivals themselves have their say and that reflects the wide range of the European festival scene.

We far exceeded the planned number and researched over 20 examples covering all key focus areas of our project. From small grassroots events to large major festivals. Events of different styles and from all corners of the continent. The result is something special that goes beyond a best practice compendium. We call it “Green Festival Stories – A collection of inspiring examples from across Europe”.

The selection was made based on a set of different criteria  by the experts from leading organizations in the field of sustainability and festivals united in the project. Suggestions came from the partners, as well as from associated experts and initiatives. The network of YOUROPE  – The European Festival Association, whose members have already chosen sustainability as one of the priorities for their actions at the beginning of the millennium, was very helpful.