Join Go Group in Barcelona for their interactive, dedicated, open and communicative two-day workshop for festivals and events on sustainability with international guests from all over Europe.

Go Group are looking forward to meeting you again to talk about today and tomorrow, about green issues, sustainability and climate action. In over ten years of existence our pan-European think-tank GO Group like no other institution brought together hundreds of festivals, scientists, initiatives and suppliers involved in festival and event organisation to foster exchange on an international basis. Finally, it is time for the next chapter! They are happy to present their interactive, dedicated, open and communicative format known as the “GO Group workshop“ with international guests and participants from all over Europe:


Confirmed GO Group speakers (in alphabetical order):

– Nikita Coulter (AGF, IE)

– Marina De La Fuente (Asociación de Festivales de Música, ES)

– Chris Johnson (Green Event international & VISION 2025, UK)

– Fiachra Brendan McDonagh (Rototom Festival, ES)

– Azuzena Micó (Sound Diplomacy, ES)

– Claire O’Neill (AGF, UK)

– Paula Raez (Asociación de Festivales de Música, ES)

– Holger Jan Schmidt (YOUROPE / GO GROUP, DE)

– Fine Stammnitz (Green Music Initiative & Green Touring Network, DE)

– Linnéa Vågen Svensson (Greener Events, NO)

– Katharina Weber (YOUROPE / GO GROUP, DE)

Program – sessions and networking events:

– Opening: GO Group is back „Harder, Faster, Greener, please!“

– European Green Festival Roadmap 2030

– Future Festival Tools – self-assessment tool, green festival storiesguide, e-learning course

– A Greener Future – AGF’s certification and awards

– Seriously, we need to talk about beer …and its impact.

– GO GROUP‘s (almost) legendary future-mapping workshop

– FMA’s brand new guide to circular festivals

– Rototom Festival case study

– The value of events – how to measure your social impact?

– Festivals As Social Innovation Incubators

– The Sunday night get-together (Sun. 16th April)

– The GO GROUP Dinner (Mon 17th April)


More info:



*Thanks a lot for this all-time favourite line to GO Group co-founders and partners in crime and beyond: Green Music Initiative

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