What is the Self Assessment tool?

The self-assessment framework gives an overview of different levels of environmental practice at outdoor events across six key themes, giving you a snapshot of where your festival is at on its sustainability journey, and helping to inform future environmental thinking and action.

Strategy – The overall processes you have in place to for managing environmental action at your festival.
Energy – Initiatives to measure and minimise energy usage, as well as efforts to use a more sustainable energy mix.
Materials & Waste – The choices you make on materials on-site, how waste is managed, and your efforts to introduce more ‘circular’ approaches.
Water – Efforts to reduce water usage through efficiency measures, and minimising the risk of negative impacts on local ecosystems.
Food and drink – The sustainability of the food and drink offering available at your festival, focusing on impacts of the supply chain.
Travel and transport – Actions to encourage different stakeholders to use more sustainable forms of travel to and around your festival.

By completing this self-assessment, you will receive an overall score for how your event is doing on environmental sustainability, as well as specific scores for each of the areas listed above. You will also be given recommendations for next steps in each area based on your current level of performance.

This self-assessment is a starting point and will help you identify further training, resources, and actions that are right for you. It is not a full certification personalised to your event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is the Self Assessment for?

This self-assessment is for organisers of festivals or events, or those responsible for an event’s production, operations, and/or implementing green initiatives. It is designed to be filled out from the perspective of a specific event.

If you do not run your own event – for example, if you are a student, freelancer, or working in another part of the event supply chain – you can still go through the self-assessment framework to build your understanding of what environmental sustainability at events looks like. You might want to think of your experience at the last festival you were at and which of the initiatives you saw in action!

How to take the Self Assessment?

  1. It will take about 30 minutes to read and complete the self-assessment.
  2. Read each question, then select the statement which best reflects current practice at your event. Not every answer will be perfect: legislation on certain issues differs between European countries, and whether some solutions are feasible or appropriate can depend on the size of the event and whether it is located in an urban or rural location.
  3. Receive your report in about 30 seconds, with guidance on which modules of our training course you should prioritise and additional useful resources


Personalised Report

Get your personal report providing you with an overview of your strengths and areas where you can improve.

Training Recommendations

Get recommendations on which modules of our Training Course to focus on to best strengthen your skills.

Links to further Resources and Case Studies

Get a useful overview of additional resources for action in your priority areas, along with examples of best practice from across Europe.