Ways festival goers can become sustainable!


Rather than hoping the water bottles you buy will be recycled, you could simply not buy them at all. Grab a refillable water bottle and coffee cup. There are usually drinking-water taps on site to refill from and any coffee stall worth its oat milk will be happy to use your cup.

Plant based meals!

Look for vendors at the festival that supply some plant-based, organic or local options and commit to eating from them.

Get there green!

If you plan to drive to the festival, offer to carpool with friends. Check public transport, trains and bus times…this is best way to reduce your carbon footprint and public transport offers a safe and reliable alternative.

In-tents recycling

Don’t leave your tent! 250,000 tents get left behind in UK fields from Glastonbury to Reading and Leeds, and each tent is equivalent to 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups of plastic. They’re not always sent to charities; and instead are dumped in landfill. Brownrecycling.co.uk says don’t invest in what the retailers refer to as a “festival tent”, just beg or borrow one from friends or family, and then return it.

Looking good and green

Instead of shopping for the festival look on fast fashion and unsustainable online clothes shops, why not try to be inventive with charity shop stuff and eco glitter which biodegrades rather than fast fashion items, plastic face gems.

Don’t litter!

Pick up litter. Any litter. It is a simple way of helping the planet!

To find out other helpful sustainable tips for festival season, follow the link below: