Get inspired by the UK’s Most Sustainable Festivals from 2019

What: Shambala Festival

Where: A secret country estate in Northamptonshire

Shambala is something of a pioneer of the sustainable festival experience. Over the last five years it’s reduced its carbon footprint by an impressive 81% and won a number of awards for its efforts. It’s also the first and only festival to receive a five star Creative Green certification.

What: The Green Gathering

Where: Chepstow

The Green Gathering is a festival for the senses. With over 100 live acts to choose from, you can experience music, magic, spoken word, crafts, permaculture and even a faerie glade across the weekend. Alongside the entertainment, the event exists to educate visitors, boasting a lofty-sounding ambition to ‘stimulate and inspire current and future generations of responsible beings’.

What: Sunrise

Where: Kentchurch Estate, Hereford

Sunrise describes itself as an ‘ethical-living, organic, arts and music festival’. Its planet-friendly ethos has won it multiple awards, including the Guardian and Observer’s ‘Ethical Travel Award’, The Shelter award for ‘Most Socially Responsible Festival’ and The Green Parents’ ‘Best Green Festival Award’.

One of the festival’s core values is to champion ethical living, resulting in its site-wide policy that everything traded and used on site is ethically sourced, while boycotting large and/or unethical brands in favour of smaller, more conscientious businesses

What: Latitude

Where: Southwold, Suffolk

Latitude is a ‘boutique arts and music festival’, offering art, music, comedy, cabaret, theatre and literature by the Suffolk coast. Since 2007, they’ve been investing in a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and have been rewarded with a four star Creative Green rating for their efforts.

2017 was their third year running of sending zero waste to landfill, recycling up to 59%, with the remainder going to create energy. To aid recycling efforts, they have a three bin system on site (compost, recycle, general waste) and campers are given a Campers Waste Kit on arrival to help sort their waste. – and can win tickets to the following year’s festival by returning their full bags.

What: Green Man

Where: Brecon Beacons, Wales

With a name like Green Man, you might expect this festival to pack some impressive sustainability credentials. And it’s true that they take their environmental responsibilities seriously. Organisers work with Help Refugees and the Newport to Calais Aid Collective to ensure that following the event, any unwanted, unbroken camping equipment and food goes to refugees around the world. Visitors are encouraged to recycle as much of their other rubbish as possible.

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